Founder of Fatim Bahh brand and the Co-founder of the One Girl At A Time Foundation.  Fatim was born and raised in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. She has lived in the United States since 2001, where she received her degree in Fashion Design and Social work.  Fatim is a mother, and entrepreneur, a humanitarian, and active advocate for girls and women.  


She is the brain behind all textiles making and dying of our line. Tanty Dowhiny is the director and head trainer of the C.A.P.F of Kindia, a cooperative that focuses on empowering and promoting women's financial independence and wellbeing. She has over 30 years of textiles making and artisanal skills experience; she has worked and trained many in her field. What we love about her is her passion for helping women's women's in her community be financial independent.  


Most of the women in the cooperation are either widow, single mother or girls with no educational background. More than half of the women who works with us have worked with us since we starting to company in some way and that’s a huge success for us. We definitely feel like we’re making progress. It’s actually working, what we do.
The personal interaction, the camaraderie that goes with us working towards the same goal of trying to get our own financial independence and supporting each other while doing that is the power behind our brand.

Nicole is a recent college graduate with a passion for photography and helping others. She recently moved to California from Virginia to pursue what she loves. She is the guru behind our social outlets. What we love about her is that she has lots of energy whenever she is around.