Fatim is the founder of Fatim Bahh women clothing company and the Co-founder of  the  One Girl At A Time Foundation.  She was born and raised in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa.  Fatim is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, humanitarian and advocate for girls and women in Africa.  Fatim moved to the United States in 2001, first she leaved in New York city and to Los Angeles in 2004 where she started working in Fashion. She has worked in the fashion industry for years and has also dedicated her time and knowledge working with disadvantage youth in California.


Fatim started Fatim Bahh brand as a socially conscious line, to help young girls get access to primary education in Kassa, Guinea, West Africa and to help women in the rural areas of Guinea, showcase their artisanal skills to the contemporary market place and be financially independent. 

During her visit to Guinea in 2013, Fatim went to see the women artisans who were part of the NGO program, she knew how beautiful the textiles of Guinea was but she also knew that many of these women did not have an opportunity to showcase their work to a a contemporary market place.  Fatim's entrepreneurship and optimistic character lead to the creation of her first collection in collaboration with the women artisans, who make intriguing and beautiful hand-woven and hand-dyed African textiles.  

Fatim Bahh brand work with the women Guinea, west Africa to make the African textiles base on trend, market demand and popularity, which are then use as part of the collection. This gives the opportunity to the women to showcase their skills but also earn  an income that will help them to financial stability.



Guinea, like most developing countries, has limited access to the global marketplace and financial conditions for women are some of the most challenging.  Most of the women artisans are either widowed, single mothers or the primary provider for their families. Their hand-weaving and dyeing skills have been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years. They have also formed an NGO organization where they network with their community to find new opportunities. Fatim Bahh is Privilege to be working with such talented group of women and help make their skills visible to the global market place.  



Fatim Bahh brand contributes 10% of the proceeds from every purchase to an education fund the One Girl At A Time Foundation, our sister company.  Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Because of this, we also focus on related issues that prevent young girls from having an opportunity to attend school, such as early child marriage, family financial difficulties, child labor and healthcare.


  How Can I Help 

    1- Purchase Fatim Bahh brands, 10% of the proceeds from the sale helps educate.
2- Be an ambassador to a girl
    3- Make a donation to our  Foundation